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Event Safety Plan

Your safety is important to us and even more important to God.  This event is not political and it is all about God.  The OAGPB counsel/planning team is doing everything possible to make this a safe event. Along with praying that there will be no spreading of Covid-19, here are some practical things we have put into place and we will follow the State mandates.  Instead of the original plan to have a buffet we will be serving a great breakfast sandwich and fresh food in a bag along with a gift for everyone as you are driving in. 

Then we are giving our guests four great options:

1. Park your vehicle and come sit in one of the 1000 chairs we have set up that are spaced 6 feet apart. (see the seating chart and layout of the tent and the surrounding area) This will also allow less distractions and we can focus our one on one time with God!

2.  For those that are at high risk, are handicap, or would rather stay in your vehicle...please still plan to come.  We will have a special "Drive in movie" style parking area and will be transmitting the sound to an FM station that you can hear in your vehicle.  (see diagram below)

3.  If you live a good drive away, please bring an RV and stay on the 180 acres for free on the Monday before the event.  Then it will be easy to get there by the 8 am start time.  Plus you can help set up chairs.

4.  If you have a conflict or other plans that morning you can still be a part of it live on our facebook page and even watch later.  Here is the link to our facebook page 

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