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Dandelion Seeds

 Man vs. Weeds

 Video Testimonies

Have life's problems,
or "weeds,"

overwhelmed you?

Prayer is the answer!


Since the beginning of time men have been in a battle with weeds.  Over time men have tried chemicals, tools of all kinds, and yet for thousands of years man hasn't been able to win this battle.  But just like have also been battling "sin" and "trials" and as many of you have figured out... no matter how hard you try, we cannot win this battle on our own.  Jesus used this analogy in many parables. Read Luke 8:11-15 and Matt. 13:24-40.

This page is simply a forum where we have posted personal testimonies of people from all over the world.  They are brief, yet sincere stories from people just like you that have experienced real joy and peace in their lives that can only come from God.  The reason they are sharing this is because they want you to experience eternal life and allow God to clean up the "weeds" in your life. 


Most of the videos in this section are less than 5 minutes unless noted.  All of these are from ordinary people, that want to share with you how they have found salvation, joy, purpose, and a God who loves them and loves YOU.

Greg from the Peterson Farm Brothers shares a message every farmer should hear:

Broken Corn, Broken People, Broken World

Great story from the National Farm Machinery Show in KY and what happened to this Ag Professional from Brazil

Farmers in Georgia know how to clean up the weeds in their fields and their hearts

Norm, from Idaho, shares a combine story and how you can reap a harvest that will last forever in heaven.

Jeff shares an awesome testimony about

how he found Jesus at a football camp

Walter, a farmer from GA, shares how Christ

can bring joy and change your life for the better

Steve tells us we all have a part in the harvest

John shares how he was delivered from prison and sin 

The "weeds" in this man's life was being born with no arms and legs (1 hour long but worth every minute)

Steve got saved while hitch hiking

Rob shares how God helped him deal with losing a father

Wisdom from a 87 year old  Poppy (Duane Rawlins) 

Getting pruned and molded by God's love

Eldon is 81 and has been sharing the gospel in prisons, hospitals and with all who are seeking eternal life through a relationship with Christ and not religion

Austin Smucker from Oregon was one of the Hostages in Haiti and this is his story of answered prayer and their escape.

Amazing story of Grace and God showing His love for John through a hug

Chris finds the solution to his "WEED" problem

Ron shares how God can transform your life and he's the first episode with someone wearing the new MVW hat

Mike shares how you can have your sins forgiven

Lorin Shares the answer to our sin problem

Jerry Rice share the simple yet powerful message of the gospel that saves us

Aaron shares how you can be a part of the greatest harvest of all time

Vatanak's Testimony about being raised poor in Cambodia

John shares how God helped him find a lost cell phone

The message of Salvation according to the bible

Corey shares about removing Weeds and Rocks. And how Christ is the answer to our sin problem Rom. 6:6

Owen shares an amazing story about how God saved his farm during a drought

Brian shares how we can win the battle we are in

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